References and Kind Words From our Clients

Land Escapes relies mainly on the positive feedback and word of mouth advertising from our loyal clients.  We work hard to establish a close working relationship and get to know our clients on an individual, first name basis.  This partnered with our in depth knowlege of the work we perform results in most of our clientele returning year after year for ongoing maintenance of their gardens and landscape.


Below are some of the kind words our clients have shared about their experience with Land Escapes.  We encourage you to add your own in the comments box below. 


For a list of specific references including client phone numbers and property addresses, please EMAIL us.  We are happy to provide these to you but need to respect our clients privacy by not posting them publicly on this site.


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  • Margie M. (Tuesday, September 17 13 08:32 pm EDT)

    I have always had lovely gardens but then when I got connected with Kristin from Land Escapes several years ago, she made my gardens & surrounding area SPECTACULAR. My neighbors call my place
    "the park".

  • Jo J. (Tuesday, September 17 13 08:30 pm EDT)

    Timely completion of work

  • Margaret W. (Tuesday, September 17 13 08:30 pm EDT)

    Have thought you were great from the start, many years ago.

  • Lynne and Jeff L. (Wednesday, September 04 13 12:32 pm EDT)

    Great service!

  • Kathy H. (Thursday, August 29 13 04:05 pm EDT)

    Great work and service!!

  • Joyce H. (Thursday, August 29 13 04:05 pm EDT)

    I've been impressed with the quick and responsive nature of this business. My phone calls are returened quickly and my needs addressed in a similar fasion.

  • Jan V. (Thursday, August 29 13 04:04 pm EDT)

    You and your staff are always considerate of our porperty. I 100% LOVE it that everything gets blown off. My favorite time for coffee on the deck to enjoy our paradise. Thanks much!

  • Natalie P. (Thursday, August 29 13 04:03 pm EDT)

    Land Escapes is easy to work with, very prompt service and unique designs.

  • Margie M. (Wednesday, August 07 13 07:27 pm EDT)

    To you and your guys, I say thank you so very much…………there is so much pride in all your work so please, please tell them I love what you have done and the care now given to it. What a pleasure it
    was to come home and walk thru all of the gardens front and back……..the new steps………paths opened up………all the trimming and weed killing, love the new plants……………love all you guys too…………the rock
    looks so perfect and the message is so perfect……………………..THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Joyce H. (Friday, May 24 13 01:05 pm EDT)

    I just want to tell you how beautiful the gardens look and how happy I am with them. You have a real artistic I and I just want you to know how happy I am and I want to thank you!

  • Natalie B. (Friday, May 24 13 01:03 pm EDT)

    Everything looks beautiful, thank you very much!!

  • Virginia J. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:37 am EDT)

    I came home in the dark and it was just absolutely beautiful to see the trees, I just love it and the garland is beautiful. I'm certainly going to enjoy the holiday season. Thank you very much,
    you've certainly made the season that much happier for me!

  • Molvina C. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:36 am EDT)

    As always, I appreciate your customer service, particularily your patience in answering my numerous questions. Thank you.

  • Molvina C. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:36 am EDT)

    I really like the brick edging and the flag stone path work that was started last week. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with and I always like your landscaping.. I look forward to
    discussing the front landscape project with you at our consultation.

  • Candy B. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:36 am EDT)

    You were blessed to get into this business - it is hard and hot - but you do a very good job.

  • Candy B. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:35 am EDT)

    I thought of what an extrordinary young woman you are - how helpful and insightful you are and how you can drive a truck and a dumpster behind and manage people and think of such original things to
    do landscaping wise

  • Molvina C. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:35 am EDT)

    We are so grateful for both the fabulous landscaping services and customer service that you provide. It has been truly a joy to work with you and your team. If you ever need a reference, we would be
    delighted to serve in this role and would even write something up if you wanted to include it on your website or other marketing tools. Just let us know

  • Molvina C. (Tuesday, May 07 13 08:34 am EDT)

    As we move forward I want you to know that I really appreciate the way that you handle customer feedback. Your confidence and humility are both apparent in all your customer service functions and
    this is most evident whenever I provide input. It doesn't matter if I have a question, concern or giving you exuberant praise ...your persona remains the same and I really admire this.


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