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LAND ESCAPES provides quality landscaping services and excellent customer service to Lincoln and surrounding areas.  Below is a general list of our landscape services.  If there's something you need but don't see on the list, please CONTACT US.  We can custom tailor our services to fit your needs or make recommendations to other qualified businesses who specialize in what you're looking for.


LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE...Seasonal clean-up of existing gardens, raking deadheading, transplanting, and weeding.  For properties in need of regular maintenance, we offer a selection of "Monthly Maintenance Plan" service contracts that will cover your needs for the season.  


PLANTING...Want to add a few new plants or have an entire new planting project?  We plant anyting from annuals and herbs to perennials, shrubs and trees.  We have our own on-site nursery and use only top-quality plants from nationally-recognized growers such as Monrovia and Bailey.  


LANDSCAPE DESIGN & INSTALLATION...Using perennials, annuals, herbs, trees, shrubs, evergreens, ornamental grasses, bulbs and more.  We pay special attention to creating a garden full of contrast using different flower and foliage colors, textures, and forms.  The majority of our designs are 3D Images which provide you with a real-life look at your home with the completed project (see example below).   If necessary, we can also do 2D sketch or CAD designs, however these are typically more expensive, time consuming and don't give you a good visual image of the finished project.

SHRUB & SMALL TREE TRIMMING...Minimal or extensive trimming to keep shrubs and small trees helathy and looking their best.  If you have a larger tree pruning or removal need, please contact us and we will refer you to our preffered licensed arborist.


MULCHING...We hightly recommend applying a good layer of mulch to your gardens.  There are many benefits including improved weed control, maintaining even soil temperature and moisture, along with the addition of organic material to the soil as the mulch breaks down over time.  Mulch also presents a cleaner, more attractive landscape.  We offer a number of varieties based on your personal preference and local availability. 

LANDSCAPE EDGING...There are many options available to help define the border between your gardens and lawn or other surface.  Land Escapes most commonly uses the "trench method" which is simple, inexpensive and creates a clean cut, natural look. Other  materials that can be used for defining and edge include natural stone, steel or plastic. They are all popular materials which offer a wide variety in form to give you a casulal, formal or rustic look. 

HARDSCAPING...Design and installation of flagstone pathways, rock gardens, boulders, dry streambeds, small retaining walls and more.  Using these materials adds another dimension and texture to your landscape , can offer a solution to problem areas, and increase the visual interest.  

CONTAINER PLANTING...We will create the perfect container of plants for your front porch, deck, patio or other area of your yard or garden.  Plant and design options are unlimited!  Containers are also an element that can be easily changed out for each season.   We offer spring, fall and winter container planting!


MINOR DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS....Tired of your downspouts pouring water out along your foundation or have a small area with a drainage problem?  We are able to bury downspouts to redirect water out away from your home, and can also solve smaller drainage problems.  Unfortuately, we are not equipped to handle land grading or other larger drainage problems at this time.


CONSULTING...If you would like to do all or part of the work yourself but are unsure where to begin, we are available to provide you with the information you'll need to get started.  Ask us about scheculing a "Detailed Consultation" for your DIY project guidance.



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