Landscape Design

LAND ESCAPES creates beautiful and unique landscape designs that break the mold of "cookie-cutter" designs.  We use a variety of plants and materials that are appropriate for the area.  Our plant choices are unique with strong focus being placed on foliage color and texture.  We love incorporating plants with blue, burgundy, gold and black foliage and believe a successful landscape is one that has lots of color even when there's not one flower in bloom.  Please look through our PHOTO GALLERIES to find pictures of our favorite plants, materials and work that we've done.


If you want a landscaping company that will work closely to meet YOUR needs yet offer something that doesn't look like every other house on the block, provide excellent customer service and high quality work, Land Escapes is the company for you.  CALL US today for a landscape consultation and to discuss your design needs.


For breaking news, updates, plant and pest tips and pictures of our most recent work, visit Land Escapes on FACEBOOK!

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