LED Trees

Land Escapes installs life sized LED trees.  These trees are designed to remain outside year-round and come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.  Typically a concrete footing is poured in the ground that the tree is bolted to ensuring stability during wind and storms.  Most of the LED Trees come with a single color of lights, however color-changing trees may be ordered and customized to your liking.  They will definitely be the talk and envy of the neighborhood!


LED Ceiling Trees are also available and look amazing installed on the ceiling of covered decks, patios and pergola's, even inside your home!


LED Halloween Trees are also now available and give a unique spooky look to any home haunt or Halloween display.  Because these are seasonal, they are not installed on a concrete footing but are instead wired to the ground stakes keeping them secure for the season yet easily removable once the trick-or-treators have gone away.


To inquire about all of the LED Tree options, pricing, sizes, colore and styles, call Land Escapes today!


LED TREE OPTIONS:     Weeping Willow,  Cherry Blossom,  Ceiling Tree,  Palm Tree & Halloween Tree


LED TREE COLOR OPTIONS (colors may vary depending on style of tree):

      Pure White  -  Warm White  -  Red  -  Gold  -  Purple  -  Blue  -  Green  -  Pink  -  Color Changing (RGB)


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