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Land Escapes Inc. provides custom landscaping, maintenance, design, holiday decorating services and much more.  Proudly serving Lincoln and surrounding areas since 1996, we strive to offer excellent, personal customer service combined with knowledge and quality work.  Our designs and ideas break the mold of "cookie-cutter" landscapes providing you with many years of color, contrast, interest and enjoyment.


We believe the most important aspect of your landscape is that it pleases you.  We will custom tailor our services to meet your needs whether that involves designing and installing an entirely new landscape or simply pulling a few weeds or trimming some shrubs.  You decide what our work will be and we will provide you with the high quality of personal service and work that we are known for.


If you are looking for a landscape that offers a unique twist with interesting yet hardy plant varieties and doesn't look like every other yard on your block, Land Escapes is your company.  Owner Kristin Hain specializes in choosing unique plants that offer color, form, texture and interest to your garden.  Read more about Kristin on the "Meet the owner" page and see some of our unique plant choices in the "Photo Galleries" page.


Land Escapes relies mainly on word of mouth for positive advertising and  to consulting and education,  to continuing maintenance to ensure your investment for many years to come.  We would love to hear about your positive experience with Land Escapes and encourage you to write a comment on our "References" page.


Thank you for considering Land Escapes for your landscaping needs and we look forward to working with you soon to create an outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come!

About the Owner

As the owner of LAND ESCAPES it is important for me to introduce myself and share some of my background with you.  This business is based on excellent customer service by myself and my crew members and it's important to me that you know who you're working with, and we'd like to know you too! I consider my employees and my clients to be part of my family and I never want you to be just a "number" or a "job".  We're people working with people to improve our surroundings, one plant at a time.


About me....born and raised in Lincoln, NE and I've lived her my entire life.  As a child, my mother and grandmother were avid gardeners but I didn't take a liking to it until I purchased my first house in 1993.  The new (well, not so new, it was built in 1907) house needed some yardwork so I started "playing around" and creating flower gardens, put in a pond, flagstone pathways and lots of plants.  One plant led to another and I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed working in the garden and started learning a lot about how the plants grew and how to care for them.   At this time I was co-owner of The Coffee House in downtown Lincoln and enjoyed casually talking about gardening with my customers while serving latte's and other coffee goodies.  In 1995 I took a seasonal job at The Growhouse (no longer in business) and learned a lot about the nursery end of the business including propegation, annuals, seeding and retail.  One spring morning in 1996 one of my regular coffee customers overheard me taking about gardening while waiting in line for his morning cup of "joe" and asked if I'd be interested in helping them at home with their gardens.  So, that began the journey of what would become Land Escapes and a full time landscaping career for me.  My client list has grown over the years thanks to the kind words of my clients, I do very little if any real "advertising". 


I currently live in S.E. Lincoln with my husband Pat, stepson Josh and three cats Saki, Zen and Chopstik (named after my love for sushi).  Personally, we enjoy working in the garden at home (big surprise), spending time at Woodcliff Lake, evenings at Glacial Till or James Arthur Vineyards, and relaxing outside on the deck with family and friends.  I am also an online fitness & nutrition coach for a company called Beachbody and love guiding people in their personal journey to lose weight and improve their lives through health and fitness.  You can read more about that HERE or visit my website www.HealthyHomeFitness.com. 


Thank you for taking time to learn about me, I look forward to meeting YOU and creating a beautiful outdoor space you can "escape" to!


-Kristin Hain



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